Republican Party Downfall | Kermit Zarley


As I have revealed on my blog, I have always been an independent voter who always voted for a Republican president until Barak Obama. And I have never been that political until recently. And I have believed that, generally, politics should be left outside the door when Christians go to church. That is, getting very political in their meetings can be divisive among Christians, who should be focused on God and Jesus.

But as Republican Donald Trump’s presidency proceeded through its four-year term, on this blog I became more and more critical of his performance and occasionally of the Republican Party. For example, concerning the latter, on April 23, 2019, I posted, “The Republican Party’s Reputation Is Shot to Hell.” And on October 4, 2019, I posted, “Republicans–Three Strikes and You’re Out.” And four months after Trump vacated the White House, I posted on May 28,…

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