Republican Governor breaks out of Trump saying he shouldn’t allow the January 6 riots


In a television interview Sunday morning, the Governor of New Hampshire accused former President Donald Trump of promising to forgive those imprisoned for attacking the US Capitol.

Trump promised to pardon the rebels at a campaign-style rally in Texas on Saturday night.

Governor Chris Sununu said in a CNN State of the Union address, “Look at those who are part of the riot and, frankly, have to take responsibility for the assault on the US Capitol.”

Host Dana Bash asked, “And shouldn’t they be forgiven?”

‘of course not. Oh my goodness, no, “Sununu replied.

He also rejected Trump’s idea of ​​campaigning with him for his reelection bid and declared, “I don’t need anyone to campaign with me.”

“Approval is fine, but after all, I have a lot of faith in whether you are running for the Planning Commission, the Governor, or the President. You need to make…

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