Report: Jim Jordan Could Look to Run Against GOP Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine in 2022


Come January 21st, 2021, Donald Trump will no longer be the president of the United States. That does not mean, however, that Trump won’t maintain complete power over the Republican party. And the president has long demanded complete deference from any GOP lawmaker.

Photo by GRAEME JENNINGS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

While it is rare, some Republican officials have been willing to declare that Joe Biden has won the election. And that does not sit well with the president and his acolytes. Jim Jordan, an Ohio congressman is one of Trump’s chief sycophants. So it is no surprise that Jordan is now threatening to run against GOP Governor Mike DeWine who had the audacity to declare Joe Biden the electoral winner.

DeWine told CNN last week, “I think that we need to consider the former vice president as the President-elect. Joe Biden is the President-elect. Look, I’m worried…

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