Rep. Jordan blasts Biden admin for doing ‘everything wrong’


Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, slammed the Biden administration on Sunday for doing “everything wrong.” 

During an exclusive interview with “Sunday Morning Futures” the congressman argued that President Biden has “given” Americans “record crime” and inflation during his first year in office. 

Jordan made the comments three days after it was revealed that annual inflation is running at the hottest pace in nearly four decades as widespread supply disruptions, extraordinarily high consumer demand and worker shortages fuel rapidly rising price increases. 

Prices soared by 5.7% through November, according to the Personal Consumption Expenditures price index data released Thursday morning. That topped the previous month’s rate of 5%, becoming the fastest pace increase since February 1982, when the gauge hit 6.17%.

The inflation spike largely reflected surging energy costs, which rose 34% from a…

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