Rep. Jeff Van Drew Says Joe Biden Should Take Cognitive Test As ‘Christmas Promise’


Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a New Jersey Democrat-turned-Republican, said President Joe Biden should take a cognitive test as his “Christmas promise.”

The congressman spoke to conservative media outlet Newsmax on Christmas Day, first delving into what he called “the big Biden Christmas lie,” which seems to consist of the president not promoting GOP talking points.

“I mean, if he wants to tell it straight, he would speak about how our cities across the country have the highest crime rate that they’ve ever had,” Van Drew said. “He could talk about the fact that we have the supply chains problems that still exist, and in many cases have gotten worse.”

“He could talk about the fact how our border is broken open and literally we have people bleeding into the country who are sick, who are some of them diseased, some of them are criminals,” he continued.

Van Drew went on to state Biden could also be…

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