Rep. Eric Swalwell follows AOC’s lead, ditches mask in mandate-free Florida


Republicans in red states refusing to wear masks everywhere are to blame for the omicron outbreaks and canceled vacations, thundered Rep. Eric Swalwell, California Democrat.

But not in his case.

Mr. Swalwell was photographed Tuesday vacationing in mandate-resistant Florida without a mask.

According to photos posted by the Daily Mail (U.K.), Mr. Swalwell spent part of the week at the posh Loews Miami Beach Hotel and was not wearing a mask in the public indoor space.

In the photos, he is chatting with a female friend, also unmasked, in the hotel lobby while taking care of his infant son.

Another person in the lobby told the Daily Mail that a guest saw the group, he sarcastically told the California Democrat, “nice to see you in Miami.”

According to the eyewitness, he replied “thank you,” but was left “speechless” when the guest asked him about his vaccination status and…

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