Rep. Adam Schiff feels his safety is threatened by some Republicans’ ‘hateful’ rhetoric and says the GOP is now an ‘autocratic cult’

  • Adam Schiff told Insider he feels his safety is threatened by GOP endorsements of Trump’s election lies.
  • “I continually get death threats” in part because GOP lawmakers have “degraded” public discourse, he said.

California Rep. Adam Schiff told Insider on Tuesday that he feels that his safety is threatened by many of his fellow lawmakers’ continued endorsements of former President Donald Trump‘s lies about the 2020 election.

Asked whether he still feels like he’s at risk, particularly in the wake of the Capitol insurrection, Schiff replied, “I do, frankly.”

The Democratic lawmaker’s book, “Midnight In Washington,” was released on Tuesday. Among other things, he highlighted his experience during the Capitol siege, writing in his memoir that he was “oddly touched” when Republicans showed concern for his safety and warned him to hide from pro-Trump insurrectionists. But he also…

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