Regional Council approves 2022 water and sanitary sewer user rates


Whitby, Ontario – Durham Regional Council has approved the 2022 water supply and sanitary sewer user rates, with a combined increase of 1.8 per cent, an estimated annual increase of $19.52 per year for the average Durham Region household.

In addition to ongoing maintenance and operation of the water supply and sanitary sewerage systems, Durham Region has several major capital projects planned for 2022 including:

  • Replacement of 20 kilometres of watermain and sanitary sewer pipe.
  • System expansions including Phase 1 work for the expansion of the Whitby Water Supply Plant in the Town of Whitby and the associated Feedermain on Victoria St. in the Town of Whitby.
  • Preliminary and detailed design of filter rehabilitation at the Oshawa Water Supply Plant.
  • Preliminary and detailed design for the replacement of the Water Street Sanitary Sewage…

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