Recovering Lower Merion’s John ‘Fritz’ Brennan from unintended obscurity | Mainlinetimes


Monuments are meant to enthrall, preserving the private and collective memory of an individual for inspiring loyalty, courage, skill, and integrity.

Since its establishment in 1896, Lower Merion High School has seen and honored many distinguished alumni, faculty, and staff who graced its hallowed halls and modern-day buildings.

One individual, Lower Merion High School Football Coach John “Fritz” Brennan, excelled in profound ways and was memorialized with the unveiling of a bronze statue on the historic General Henry « Hap » Arnold Field on November 17, 1990.

Internationally known Philadelphia-based sculptor Zenos Frudakis was commissioned by The Fritz Brennan Memorial Scholarship Fund Officers, Directors, and Committee to sculpt the larger than life…

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