Record-Breaking Money Pours In for Cox-Valadao Slugfest


Not only have Central Valley congressional candidates raised more than they did in 2018, they have all set personal bests.

TJ Cox, David Valadao, Jim Costa and Devin Nunes have all set record breaking years to increase their war chests according to the Federal Election Commission figures. The latest reporting period covers Oct. 1 through Oct. 14.

Candidate Race Raised Spent
Jim Costa (D)* Congress 16 $1,984,618 $1,743,187
Kevin Cookingham (R) Congress 16 $245,356 $234,427
TJ Cox (D)* Congress 21 $5,244,933 $4,887,306
David Valadao (R) Congress 21 $3,678,714 $2,867,281
Devin Nunes (R)* Congress 22 $23,773,562 $18,179,333
Phil Arballo (D) Congress 22 $4,454,624 $4,258,120


Cox Outraising Valadao

In what may be the tightest race in California if not the nation, incumbent TJ Cox (D-Fresno) is pulling away in the money game from David Valadao…

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