Rebecca Gilbert-Mee Obituary (2022) – Glenolden, PA

Rebecca “Becky” Gilbert-Mee ran into the arms of her Mother on January 3, 2022. Becky lived in Glenolden for many years and was known throughout the community. When you walked into a store with Becky it was like you were with a celebrity, much like her beloved Marilyn Monroe. Everyone knew her and loved her. You remembered Becky because you couldn’t possibly forget her. She loved dressing up, never leaving the house without being done up from her eyelashes down to her heels, none less than 5” high, and every one a statement maker. If you had a dollar for every person who stopped her to say “I love your shoes/hair/earrings/outfit/style” you would be a richer person…but we are already richer for having known her. She treated everyone she met with the same kindness and respect. Becky loved to dance and she loved the string bands. Apparently her first meeting with her…

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