Reasons for Democrats to Keep Up Hope in 2022


In this era when democracy in America is in greater peril than any time since the 19th century, when the climate change clock is ticking down inexorably to unmitigated disaster, and global pandemics are now an everyday fact of life, it’s easy to doomscroll the news, seeing each headline as confirmation that the end is nigh.

I want to put the brakes on some of that thinking, especially as we go into a new political year. Not every setback means the sky is falling. Let’s explore, in a more disciplined way, how some “code red” situations might actually be politics as usual. I’ll identify three current and common anxieties over our politics and discuss whether they really are as bad as we’ve been led to believe.

If We Lose the House, We Lose the Republic!

Presently, and quite honestly, the midterms in 2022 don’t look very promising. Like the Virginia gubernatorial race, which…

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