Readers comment on medication, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump



We have to hunt with magnifiers to find the directions on how to use over-the-counter medicines, like how many pills a day. This should be in front, where they advertise their big name.

Yvette Baini, Ocala

DeSantis doesn’t understand CRT

“Stop Woke Act?” Gov. DeSantis reminds me of the former White House occupant, just when you think he has hit bottom, he follows with something else even more revolting. 

Although I must applaud DeSantis and his political propaganda machine. They have scored a twofer with the “Stop Woke Act” slogan. They have skillfully combined two self-induced beliefs of the right’s personality cult followers — there is no racism and there is no social injustice. 

The act proposes to ban critical race theory in schools, although it is not in our schools, and “protect employees against a hostile work environment due to critical race theory…

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