Raj Rajaratnam Has A New Book And Is Speaking Out


Raj Rajaratnam, convicted of insider trading charges and now free after more than 7 years in federal prison, has authored a new book, Uneven Justice, about his experience of being prosecuted in the Southern District of New York. Fellow Forbes contributor John Tamny wrote a great piece on the book and Rajaratnam’s case.

Rajaratnam gave me an extensive interview where he talked about his book, his life now and reflections on the case that forever changed his life. He did not seem bitter, in fact, he seemed at peace with his life now. Part of that life is speaking to media, discussing his book and sharing insights on his very downfall. While he was critical of the criminal justice system, he said that he just wants to shine a light on a system that, admittedly, he knew little about until the Federal Bureau of Investigation knocked on his door with guns drawn placing him under arrest….

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