Raiders will struggle vs. Justin Herbert, Chargers


Eleven of the fourteen invites to the NFL postseason have been secured, while seven different teams will lay everything on the line Sunday in an effort to qualify for the final three spots. Not every team controls its destination, but it all starts with focusing on what it can control — winning. Handicapping how teams will respond to these critical games can be challenging due to the small sample size of their past experiences. It’s not every season coaches and players get the opportunity to play in high-stakes regular-season finales.

I targeted two games that bookend the final Sunday of the season. They each bring a different dynamic. The Steelers and Ravens battling in Baltimore will be another chapter in one of the NFL’s best rivalries. On Sunday night, two first-time head coaches get their first taste of “win-or-go-home” football in Las Vegas. Betting favorites can be an easy…

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