Rachel Maddow Perfectly Explains Republicans’ Democracy-Destructing Tactics


Rachel Maddow explained the tactics Republicans use to try to destroy American democracy.

Maddow Video:

Rachel Maddow said:

But still, make the request. Find a threat, invent a threat, or find one somewhere. And the hype beyond comprehension. Neutralized the weirdness of this supposedly overhyped, supposedly overhyped threat. Neutralize its weirdness with propagandist mass repetition.

And then bingo. Lock her up. The press is the enemy of the people. Ukrainians must be demilitarized and denazified. Take, invent a threat out of thin air or take the smallest thing in the world and blast it into something incomprehensibly massive. And bingo, you have the excuse for whatever you want to do.

The time we find ourselves in is the overlap in the Venn diagram between stupid and scary. You are the. This kind of tactic…

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