Putin ‘pushing US to the edge’ after Biden showed ‘America’s weakness’ with key mistake | World | News


Vladimir Putin has sparked fears of a new conflict in Europe by having Russian troops amass on the Ukrainian border despite warnings from the international community to stand down. President Putin spoke with US President Joe Biden earlier this month, with the US leader seeking to put pressure on Moscow to avoid a new military row. But former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Russia’s leader will seek to exploit the “weakness” President Biden exposed with his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Speaking to Fox News, Mr Pompeo said: “Vladimir Putin has been on the stage for an awfully long time. He knows full well that Latvia, Estonia, they’re not going to invade Russia.

“He knows this, it’s a kind of victimisation to assert, somehow, he feels threatened from those countries for an invasion.

“He’s the one who raised the tension, the fault lies with him. But there’s fault in the Biden…

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