Projections for 2022 – Washington Times



With Yogi Berra’s cautionary note in mind, let’s think about the coming year.

Sen. Joe Manchin III, West Virginia Democrat, will eventually vote for something terrible, probably an extension of the child tax credit with some means testing and no meaningful work requirements. The important thing for progressives is that free cash for children is established, which means testing will become attenuated over time.

Energy tax credits for sources that we don’t control and can’t turn on and off as needed (wind, solar) will be included. The rest of Build Back Better is unlikely to happen.

The New York Yankees will not win the World Series (again), which will extend their drought to 13 years, the longest in franchise history. It will also mean that they would have only won one World Series in the last 22 years, again, the worst such stretch in franchise history. The general…

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