Progressives are anti-business and rely on big government


To the Editor:

The recent submission by Herbert Loveless is a study in faulty logic. To paraphrase, he arrived at a conclusion that progressives have much more accomplished business minds than conservatives. He trashed the insurance industry as evidence of his theory. He also identifies “luck” as a contributing factor as well as geography. He alluded to Silicone Valley as his beacon.
Progressives are actually anti-business and rely on big government for their preferred source of income for most people. Their leadership reside in the bubbles of big government and academia. Progress like George Soros use conservative tools to acquire wealth and then use their wealth as weapons to destroy the very tools they used to acquire wealth.
The faulty logic he used to attack the insurance industry displays abject ignorance as to how the industry actually operates . As a matter of fact, the…

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