Pro-COVID Pervert Jim Jordan and His GOP Judiciary Jackasses Throw Toxic Twitter Tantrum


There are many reasons to dread the horror of Republicans taking over the majority in Congress in 2022. Not only would they advance their wet dream of an authoritarian dictatorship headed by Donald Trump, they would pursue impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden, which they have already proposed.

What’s more, a newly empowered GOP majority would stomp their boot heels down on the progress made by Democrats on the economy, and the fight against the COVID pandemic. And their most deranged fringe dwellers would assume positions of power.

Leading the crusade of the crazies would be Rep. Jim Jordan who, despite allegations of condoning the sexual abuse of students when he was a wrestling coach, stands to become the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in a Republican Congress. That’s a post that would put him in charge of any investigations into the Biden…

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