Press needs to turn up heat on Biden family China deal


Mr. Biden, did you ever meet with Tony Bobulinski?

That is a simple question reporters could ask incoming President Joe Biden the next time he holds an audience.

And that is what his rare and scripted meetings with reporters are — audiences, not press conferences.

Reporters are kept at a distance and are nothing more than willing props who, in unspoken agreement, do not ask probing questions, but run with the pap they are fed.

If a reporter is recognized at one of these Biden audiences, you can rest assured that the “reporter” will be from a friendly outlet like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and Politco, and not from aggressive Fox News or the New York Post.

And it is understandable if you, the average citizen, do not know who Bobulinski is because he and his information about Biden and his family’s business dealings with Chinese communists have been ignored,…

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