Potential 2024 presidential candidate Tim Scott speaks in Iowa


CENTRAL CITY — U.S. Sen. Tim Scott worked the crowd like a Sunday congregation, leaving the lectern behind to make his way through the audience with a microphone in hand, his voice rising in a passionate crescendo.

“It is Sunday, and my mama wanted a preacher,” he said to the gathered Iowans who hung on his words. “You’re the congregation today!”

Scott played to the crowd at a fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Ashley Hinson, emphasizing a joke with an exaggerated wink at the front row, cupping a hand to his ear to encourage a round of cheers and asking for an “Amen!” to punctuate a point. 

“I wonder if he’s going to try to run for president,” Janet Hofmeyer, a 67-year-old Oelwein resident, said afterwards, adding that she’d be happy to see him do so. 

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