Politico Publishes Photos of Madison Cawthorn in Lingerie


Rep. Madison Cawthorn continued his streak of dominating media headlines on Friday after Politico published photos of the socially conservative Republican in women’s lingerie.

Politico’s Michael Kruse writes of his own story:

The revelation of the two photos is the latest in a series of unflattering headlines for the freshman member of Congress in the run-up to the primary in his first re-election bid. The primary in North Carolina is May 17. Cawthorn has seven Republican opponents who see him as vulnerable.

Cawthorn stirred controversy in recent weeks by claiming on a podcast that he had been invited to orgies in Washington, DC and that he had seen cocaine use by the country’s leaders.

Cawthorn quickly responded to the Politico story and explained the photos were part of an “adult-only scavenger hunt” he participated in while on a cruise ship.

The freshman…

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