Politicians Say Anti-Gun Laws Are Answer To Sacramento Shooting, But Gunmen Were Felons Illegally Carrying Guns


Sacramento, CA – Politicians have been demanding more anti-gun laws in the wake of the mass shooting in Sacramento over the weekend, even though the suspects arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack were felons who were already prohibited from legally possessing firearms.

Six people were murdered and 12 more were wounded in the area of 10th Street and K Street after multiple gunmen opened fire at approximately 2 a.m. on April 3, The Sacramento Bee reported.

It has been described as the worst mass shooting in the history of Sacramento.

Sacramento police announced on Wednesday that the incident erupted after at least five gunmen from at least two rival gangs opened fire on one another, the Associated Press reported.

Only two suspects have been arrested so far.

Both are convicted felons who cannot legally possess firearms, but they were apparently undeterred by such…

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