Pocketbook troubles in Florida could ding DeSantis- POLITICO


Hello and welcome to Wednesday.

Opponent — Ron DeSantis isn’t running against Nikki Fried or Charlie Crist this fall. The Republican governor has made it clear time and time again his real opponent is President Joe Biden.

Sign of the timesThat’s a strategy that makes sense given Biden’s poor approval ratings in the state, coupled with high gas prices, inflationary pressures, and the looming threat of a recession. DeSantis’ speeches and remarks are punctuated with jabs at Biden over topics such as the economy and immigration.

The good newsThe governor is able to tout how the state has seen an influx of population during the Covid-19 pandemic and how Florida’s unemployment rate is below the national average.

On the horizonBut a storm — both literally and figuratively — could blow the governor off solid ground in the next few months. The residential property…

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