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I was finally getting around to reading his really big book, “Midnight in Washington,” which I’m sure you’ve already plowed through with amazement and which looks to be really important and even fun in a doom-scrolling kind of way, when word came down from the congressman’s staff: He would be pleased to join us onstage at LitFest Pasadena at Vroman’s on May 14, 2022 at 7 p.m. to discuss said book, and other things as well.

Adam Schiff as a keynoter for the 10th anniversary of LitFest this coming spring — what a coup!

So mark your calendars and all, ‘cause it’s going to be enlightening.

After going virtual last year, LitFest will be back to in-person panels and events, which is such a nice prospect, to be away from the screen.

Unless we’re all like, dead, or something. Confined to quarters. Subsisting on Meals Ready to Eat in our own digs and simply not going out…

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