Petition drive to Biden renews call for Garvey pardon – Caribbean Life


A renewed effort to mobilize support for a presidential pardon for Jamaica’s first national hero is now in effect after recently re-launching during the anniversary birthday week of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Jump-started by Pulitzer prize winning author Karen Hunter, the movement was resuscitated after the first Black president of the USA failed to respond to the mostly-Jamaican-led campaign that called for the exoneration of the Pan-African proponent who was charged with mail fraud, imprisoned and deported to his birthplace.

Prior to the Aug. 17 date, Hunter implored her Sirius XM listening audience to sign on to petitioning President Joe Biden for a pardon.

The hope is to secure 100,000 signatures.

Hunter is reputed for action and a cutting edge approach to tackling offensive and racist issues.

Seven years ago, she initiated a petition to remove the Confederate flag from the South…

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