Peter Navarro claims FBI incited Capitol riots to disrupt coup plot


More evidence is surfacing regarding how far the members of Donald Trump’s inner circle, including the now-former president himself, were going to go to stay in power. Former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro recently claimed that the FBI had incited the Capitol insurrection so as to derail his coup plot from happening.

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, Navarro explained his last-ditch strategy to keep Trump in power following the 2020 elections but claimed that his plan failed was because the FBI incited the riots. Navarro cited one insurrectionist who allegedly brought on violence at the Capitol but was ultimately not charged by the feds.

“The only explanation that would make sense is if he were working for the FBI to instigate that violence, and the only reason they would try to instigate that violence is to try and stop Donald Trump…

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