Perspectives: How PBMs Are Aiding Fight For Prescription-Drug Affordability


Read recent commentaries about drug-cost issues.

Orlando Sentinel:
Pharmacy Managers Help Keep Prescription Costs Down

Our nation’s top priority is to get the upper hand on COVID-19 and vaccinate as many individuals, including the elderly and essential workers, as quickly as possible. CVS Health is proud to partner with the federal government in dozens of states to deliver more than 4.5 million vaccinations as of March 28, including over 249,000 doses to over 2,000 Florida skilled-nursing facilities, assisted-living centers, and other similar facilities. In the past year, millions of Americans have put their lives at risk to help care for patients with COVID-19 and other conditions, keep grocery stores and pharmacies stocked, educate students and provide many other necessary services. Their dedication has sustained us…

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