Performers Fete Joe Biden And Kamala Harris At Inaugural Concert: – Deadline


In any other inauguration week in Washington, D.C., the city would be filling up with people in a festive atmosphere. Celebrities would be flying in, some in private jets, to take the stage at for a pre-swearing in concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Cher recalled that when she attended in 2009, “People, strangers I didn’t know were running around Georgetown hugging and kissing, and they were so thrilled because we were doing into a new direction.”

The pandemic and, more recently, significant security threats have forced a vastly scaled back inauguration, limiting personal action and, in the case of the fenced up National Mall, any people at all.

Instead, the inaugural committee of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has come up with a slate of virtual programming this week, including Sunday night’s We the People Concert, that featured Cher, James Taylor, Ben Harper, Barbra…

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