People mock Nikki Haley for major math fail while trying to roast Biden


Twitter users are having a field day with a now-deleted tweet from former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley where the politician incorrectly added numbers together.

This past weekend, Haley, 50, tweeted criticizing President Joe Biden for inflation and attached a graphic showing Americans how much it cost to celebrate Fourth of July weekend.

“Remember last summer when Biden bragged about a $0.16 savings on your July 4th cookout? Well, this is what you’re spending on this 4th of July… #Bidenflation”, Haley’s deleted tweet read.

The attached graphic adding 15.6% + 13.2% + 11.9% + 9.6% + 8.7% + 8.2% to get 67.2%.

However many people noted that Haley’s numbers did not add up.

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Seemingly, Haley added together the percentages rather than taking the percentage of each new number and adding those up.

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