Pegasus Was Used to Hack Phone of Polish Opposition Leader 33 Times During 2019 Polls


New Delhi: During the 2019 Polish parliamentary election, doctored text messages of the opposition coalition’s campaign leader Krzysztof Brejza were flashed on the country’s state-controlled television and media. The ruling Law and Justice party narrowly won the election.

Three years later, Brejza, a member of the Polish lower house of parliament, has claimed that his phone was hacked as many as 33 times by Pegasus, the flagship spyware of Israeli firm NSO, Associated Press reported on Friday.

This is the third disclosure in a week that opposition figures and an outspoken prosecutor in Poland had their phones hacked through Pegasus, which NSO claims is only sold to governments.

Krzysztof Brejza. Photo: Twitter/@KrzysztofBrejza

In a statement to AP, Polish state security services spokesman Stanislaw Zaryn said that the Polish government does not wiretap illegally and obtains court…

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