Pastor says Ronchetti would ban abortion


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SANTA FE – An Albuquerque pastor has once again waded into New Mexico’s gubernatorial race, saying in a recent sermon that Republican Mark Ronchetti had publicly misrepresented a previous discussion between the two of them about abortion.

Specifically, Steve Smothermon, senior pastor of Legacy Church, cited Ronchetti’s remarks during an Oct. 17 televised debate when the GOP candidate was asked about whether he had previously told the pastor his goal would be to “end abortion in New Mexico.”

“You’d have to ask Pastor Smothermon that, but I told him everything I’ve told everybody else in this (race),” Ronchetti said during the debate. “And that is that I am pro-life, but I believe this is a very personal issue and we need to treat it as such.”

He also said he has never called for a complete abortion ban, an…

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