Pass the ‘For the People Act.’ What are its critics so afraid of?


In his first news conference since being elected, President Joe Biden had strong words for the voter-suppression bills sweeping through state legislatures, calling them “sick” and “pernicious.” He was right, but he also knows strong words won’t be enough. So the White House is supporting federal legislation to stem this tide: the For the People Act, which has passed the House — led by Maryland Rep. John Sarbanes — but is unfortunately becoming a political football in the Senate.

Critics are seemingly so afraid of this bill that their allegations against it have run off the rails into outlandish territory: An invitation to rampant voter fraud! People voting from prison! Sixteen-year-olds casting ballots! Taxpayers forced to fund political candidates they despise!

None of this true, so the real question is: What are the critics so afraid of and why? It must be the specter…

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