‘Party of cop killers’: Eric Swalwell scoffs at new GOP claim to be the ‘party of law and order’


U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell swung at the Republican National Committee after its members, led by Chair Ronna McDaniel, Friday evening voted overwhelmingly to label the January 6 insurrection as “legitimate political debate.”

As the California Democrat noted on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” the GOP actually put out a tweet declaring itself the “party of law and order.”

“If your neighbor came over and stepped on your porch holding a knife, a gun, a machete, and said that he wanted to talk I don’t think you would call the police and say, ‘You know what, we’re going to settle this and have a ‘legitimate political discourse.’ You would say that this is a violent interaction. That’s what happened that day,” Swalwell said of January 6.

“And this party, by the way,” he said of the GOP, “they tweeted earlier today, ‘We are the party of law and order.’ No, they are the party of cop killers, because that’s…

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