Parler — the site where hate speech is free | Business


Parler is a different kind of social network. Racism runs wild. Hate speech is protected. Conspiracy theories bloom. To founder John Matze, this is how the internet — and America — should be. “We don’t have people in our office who have a ‘ban’ button,” he said. “You can’t control people. What are you going to do? Someone says the wrong thing, you’re going to throw them in jail? That’s not freedom. That’s not free speech, either.”

The site has carved out a growing niche: groups and individuals banned or “de-platformed” by social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It is where Milo Yiannopoulos, the former Breitbart editor and anti-Muslim provocateur, can yuck it up with the Proud Boys, the white nationalist group

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