Paolo Vernetti head chef and co-founder of community-centred restaurant and bar Morso London


What was your first industry job?
I started working in Napoli when I was 17 as pizza delivery boy on a little Vespa. It was really cool, as it was my first glimpse into the restaurant world and I had pizza for dinner every night.

If you weren’t in kitchens, what would you do?
I would possibly be working as an IT technician. Computers and videogames were one of my first passion since I was very young and I always been quite good with it. I quickly lost interests in them though once I started getting more into food and cooking.

What industry figure do you most admire, and why?
Too many, but if I must choose then I would say Heston Blumenthal and Massimo Bottura. The ideas and dishes they come up with are just incredible. Also Massimo’s approach in the kitchen is phenomenal he seems to always be happy and having fun, his positivity is contagious.

Pet hate in the kitchen?

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