Opposing Radio Performance Royalty Bills Add Co-Sponsors… And Four House Members …


Competing Bills

Days after the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS touted the addition of eleven more members of the U.S. HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES as co-sponsors of the 2021 version of the Local Radio Freedom Act, the bill that opposes “any new performance fee, tax, royalty or other charge” on local broadcast radio stations, musicFIRST countered with the news that four of the bill’s HOUSE co-sponsors are also co-sponsoring the American Music Fairness Act, the bill that calls for the radio industry to pay performance royalties for the music it plays.

The four legislators playing both sides of the fence are Reps. DWIGHT EVANS (D-PA), GREGORY MEEKS (D-NY), BOBBY RUSH (D-IL), and ALBIO SIRES (D-NJ), with…

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