Opinion | Trump’s Jan. 6 Obsession Is an Anchor for Republicans


Yet the GOP is stuck litigating the past almost entirely because its putative leader in Mar-a-Lago is incapable of admitting error or defeat, and will never stop trying to excuse and explain away his infamous conduct after November 2020.

You can argue that Jan. 6 was the work of an out-of-control mob and didn’t constitute an insurrection; that the composition of the committee is unfair and lacks the adversarial element that has always been presumed to be central to the workings of such bodies; that the revelations or supposed revelations from the committee are being overhyped; and that Trump, whatever his failings, didn’t commit crimes and shouldn’t be charged with one.

In fact, I agree with every one of those propositions. But none of them makes Jan. 6 any better or makes it good.

It’s not quite true, as is often said, that every election is about the future. Republicans…

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