Opinion | There Are Republicans Who Feel Low After Election Day. And Then There’s Ron DeSantis.


Bret Stephens: Gail, remember the old Rolaids ad that asked, “How do you spell ‘relief’?” I think the answer is “m-i-d-t-e-r-m-s.”

Your thoughts about last week’s results?

Gail Collins: Feeling pretty chipper, Bret. The House breakdown looks like nobody’s going to be able to get anything much done, but that’s definitely not the worst possibility.

And the Democrats’ 50-vote Senate protection wall seems safe, now that Arizona and Nevada were called over the weekend. Which means, thank God, that Joe Biden will be able to get judicial and other important appointments confirmed. That’s even before we see what happens in Georgia next month.

Bret: If Herschel Walker loses the runoff in Georgia, I’ll be ecstatic. Simply the fact that every election denier who ran to become the top election official in a battleground state lost is a cause to uncork the champagne.

Gail: Wow,…

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