Opinion: The last thing Biden needs


But as important as foreign policy is to the President’s agenda, he knows the greatest threat to the republic, and to his presidency, lies at home. Addressing domestic issues — such as combating Covid and inflation, passing a scaled-down Build Back Better bill and protecting voter rights — will require all the bandwidth he can muster, especially as the midterms approach.

For Biden’s foreign policy, 2021 proved to be the year mostly of cleaning up old messes and making a few new ones. Biden set out to fix the damage his predecessor had wrought to America’s standing in the world. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, repairing relations with NATO, refunding the World Health Organization and restarting talks with Iran all helped to mend America’s standing with its allies, while reminding its adversaries that the US was still a force on the international stage.
In June, after his first…

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