Opinion: Manchin keeping Santa from coming down chimney for Biden this Christmas


The weather turned cold for Christmas week across the country. It was so cold in Chicago, St. Louis and Atlanta that 150 murders had to be delayed.

When asked by one of that rare breed, a real journalist (one of the few who actually did not serve up softball questions), what Biden thought about the spike in inflation, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki quickly reminded the reporter that consumers should not be bothered by inflation since there are no goods on the shelves to buy anyway.

Thus, most of us just try to buy our gifts on Amazon. But even there, consumers are complaining the product they get is not what was represented online. It is just like Match.com.

First lady Jill Biden hosted guests at the White House to see her Christmas lights, which took her days to hang. We were reminded of the lovely Hillary Clinton’s efficiency back when she was first…

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