Opinion | John Kerry must be investigated for the Zarif tape


It is likely that what astonished Zarif was not the fact of the strikes, but the significant escalation in Israeli attacks on Iranian targets. In July 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was caught telling world leaders behind closed doors that Israel had struck Hezbollah dozens of times in Syria in remarks that were accidentally transmitted to the ear buds distributed among reporters. After this inadvertent disclosure, the head of the Israeli air force confirmed in August 2017 that Israel had struck Syrian and Hezbollah arms convoys nearly 100 times in the previous five years — adding, “Happily, this goes on under the radar.” It was not until a year later, in September 2018, that Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz publicly acknowledged that there had been 200 strikes in the previous two years. This jump in operational tempo is what seems to have taken Zarif…

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