Opinion: Jewish Republicans have a path


Thirty three percent of American Jews who participated in the midterm elections voted Republican, according to a Fox News exit poll. While some dispute the findings, it is quite a startling number if you consider the tone of the recent election – with charges of antisemitism, fascism, and threats to democracy swirling over Republican candidates. This was the backdrop as nearly 1,000 Jewish Republicans gathered for the recent Republican Jewish Coalition summit held in Las Vegas, Nov. 17-20, only 10 days removed from the midterms. As an attendee, I came away with some observations that give me hope for our sad state of political discourse.

Andy Palec

Yes, Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, addressed the gathering via satellite from Mar-a-Lago. And yes, as reported in the media, he received a standing ovation. But there was more to this than…

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