Opinion | How Best to Direct Your Charity


To the Editor:

Re “Get the Biggest Bang for Your Generosity,” by Farhad Manjoo (column, Dec. 16):

Mr. Manjoo’s call to do good through effective altruism via donations to GiveWell — ensuring that lives are saved or improved in Africa at a reasonable cost — is commendable. But this is a critical time to focus philanthropy locally. New York City and other cities, especially underresourced communities, have borne the devastation of Covid, racial injustice, environmental degradation and inequities in education. Civic philanthropy has created vibrant cultural, educational and charitable resources.

Libraries improve early childhood literacy and create work force opportunities for adults; museums reflect human knowledge and creativity, and educate our teachers and our students; food security charities feed neighbors; hospitals care for the sick and advance research for human health…

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