Opinion | Biden’s Big Covid Mistake: Overconfidence and Overpromising


This was nonsense back in 2020, but partisan self-interest led Democrats and many in the media to believe in this stilted, all-too-convenient account. Now, with Covid variants continuing to wreak havoc, they should know better.

Indeed, if Biden were now to hold himself to the standards and metrics he set out during the campaign, he would stand exposed as a cold-blooded monster who has presided over what should be a presidency-destroying public-health debacle. As it happens, after all the scorn he heaped on Trump for his sunny scenarios, Biden, likewise, has been too rosy, only to see extensive spread and a high level of deaths on his watch.

Biden laid into Trump in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in August 2020: “Our current president has failed in his most basic duty to the nation. He’s failed to protect us. He’s failed to protect America. And my…

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