One-Third Of Programmers Use Marijuana While Working, With Many Touting Creative Benefits, Study Finds


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says it’s cracked the code to identify what kind of emojis young people are using to talk about buying and selling illicit drugs.

But in classic “how do you do fellow kids” fashion, the federal agency doesn’t appear to have the firmest grasp on the lingo—omitting from a new guide for parents, for example, common emojis that are used in place of marijuana.

The agency even seems internally confused, as there are several iterations of its drug emoji guide that show different symbols used for the same drugs.

DEA also determined that the emojis 💣 and 💥—which it interpreted to mean “bomb ass shit”—are used frequently enough in illegal drug transactions to warrant attention on a government-produced flyer for parents.

Via DEA.

And one might wonder what Canadians have to say about the top U.S. drug enforcement agency…

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