On the primary day of early voting in Georgia, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene excursions the district


On a smashing first day of early voting in Georgia, which included visits to a small restaurant, a construction company, a textile factory and a polling station in her district, US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke to supporters and answered questions from local and national media .

The day started early at Linda’s Place in Rockmart, Georgia. After a brief greeting to the crowd and a coffee run, Greene moved from table to table until her campaign staff pushed her forward to answer questions.

“But I like going from table to table,” Greene said, laughing out loud laughter from the crowd of over 100. “Because I genuinely enjoy fellowship with all of you and hearing your feedback at home, it just fills me back and supports everything I think and say. It tells me I’m doing the right thing because you’re reciprocating the things I say in Washington. I just want you to…

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