Oil Spill Plugged But BP “not Celebrating”


The BP oil spill
has been plugged, meaning that oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf of
Mexico for the first time since April 20. However BP claims it is “not

The well has been sealed with a new containment
cap and video showed that the plumes of oil have finally stopped
pouring from the wellhead.

US President Barack Obama said the development was a “positive sign” but reminded that BP is still in the testing phase.

is now conducting tests of the 150,000 pound cap on the wellhead, which
could take up to 48 hours. BP said it is possible that oil will escape
again before the testing is done.

BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles emphasised that there was no reason for “celebration” yet, particularly for those in areas already damaged by the oil spill.

“The job is not finished,” he said.

will focus on the Pressure within the cap. If it is…

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