Of Faith And Reason In Harmony: Ejaz Rahim’s Epic Journey – The Friday Times


It is a daunting task to draw a circle around Ejaz Rahim’s latest book of English poetry. Gardens of Secrets Revisited is an epic poem that deals with the ramifications of life and traverses the intriguing but poorly defined terrain between religion and science.

Epic poems are rare in contemporary Pakistani literature. In Urdu, Hafiz Jallunderi’s Shahnama-e-Islam stands out. The late Shuakat Wasti rendered Milton’s Paradise Lost in Urdu under the title Firdos-e-Gum Gashta. His 1999 Qalam Ka Qarz could also be considered an epic.

Ejaz Rahim is an unusual man. All his working life, he was a civil service officer who worked on all rungs of the provincial and federal bureaucracy and reached the pinnacle of civil service as secretary of the cabinet division in Islamabad. It is worth noting that during service he had the reputation of a scrupulously honest and God-fearing…

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